A Trip Down Memory Lane

I lived in Mexico City when I was 10 years old for a few years. It’s been a while since then so I couldn’t leave Mexico City without taking a trip down memory lane.

Mexico City is comprised with over 1000 years of culture and I don’t just mean tacos and margaritas. I’m talking history, as you can appreciate on the colorful murals and the exceptionally rich culture characterized by the Mayans and Aztec rituals…  for example, the Mesoamerican pyramids and many other historic surroundings are a unique sight to experience.

My first stop was at “La Ciudadela Bazar”. I have always had a penchant for Mexican bazars, where you find the best handcrafted jewelry, woodwork, ceramics and textile. Also known as a little piece of heaven. This is where you get a real feel for “the mexican guey” – traditions. After, I visited  “El Bazar del Sabado” where local artists display their art and handcrafts. 

And of course, a bazar is not complete without finding yourself in the midst of all the food and drinks. A hint of tequila and some tacos was  a necessary evil because “you only live once”






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