Zen With Style


I like to keep it short and simple – white shirt, black pants and I’m good to go. I guess you can say I developed that sense of style (or lack there of) while I was living in Boston, where temps were negative during the wintertime.

Out with the old, in with the new…

Yet since I left my style has evolved into a more colorful palette and I can thank the sunshine state (Florida) for that . This look screams COLOR, and although you may get hot by just watching me wear cashmere in the summertime – I was somehow able to pull it off without breaking a sweat. (yeah right)

I matched it with a bold orange-red and went for a laid-back in the sun look. You may feel as though this look won’t suit you but not so fast – give it a shot. You’d be surprised, I would have never pictured myself wearing Spice Girls shoes, and I did! 

I feel that what I love most about these pictures is the beautiful backdrop I stumbled upon. I have always been fascinated with Buddhism, their images, rituals and way of living and believe me that if I could, I would paint a wall such at this one at home. Om…

“Be kind to all creatures; this is the true religion” Buddha









Photography by: Camilo Rios

Styling: Sweater by J.crew, Skirt by J.Crew