Roar (Black Jaguar White Tiger)

There is a strong and palpable issue worldwide, where people believe that they can have felines such as: Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, Pumas, etc. as pets in their homes. This along with the use of felines for human entertainment at circuses around the world are two of the most prominent factor that have kept felines out of their natural habitat and in an unfortunate situation.

There are many issues in the world, sad stories and species gone extinct because a lack of action. Because even though all of us are moved and touched by these unfortunate situations, the reality is that a vast majority of the people don’t do anything about it.

Inspired by a single unexpected act of Love and a whole lot of trust and magic. In September of 2013, the story of an orphaned black Jaguar cub in Mexico made its way to the ears of an individual, Eduardo, who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Miguel, the cousin of Eduardo and an expert and long time advocate of animal care, told him that the cub, whose mother had died during birth, was being transported into the hands of a wretched character that planned to drug her in order to take pictures with the public as a source of revenue. Eduardo, always being a firm believer in equality and the proper treatment of all beings, took a leap of faith with existence and intercepted the cub from a loveless life in captivity.

Before the cub arrived, Eduardo and his girlfriend at the time, Rachel (Now, best friend and Founding member of the Foundation) were already in love with her, preparing their home for their new baby girl. Allow us to tell you that taking care of any of these animals it is not for the faint of heart. These are powerful and unpredictable children of nature, not a pet or a toy. Do not underestimate the commitment, work, energy, strength, and resources that are necessary to care for just one of these incredible beings.

Today, with the help of devoted friends, Eduardo has rescued tens of felines and counting from a life of terror in circuses, zoos, and breeders. Now that the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation has been formed, his dream is to end all suffering of the beautiful children of existence that we humans have tried to dictate upon them.

During my visit to Mexico City, I was lucky enough to be present for the arrival of “Matilda” a 6 month Lion, who belonged to a Russian Women, who everyday realized that raising a Lion at home wasn’t only difficult and time consuming, but also unfair and unreasonable. She reached out to Eduardo Serio and proceeds to organize Matilda’s transfer to BlackJaguarWhiteTiger’s Sanctuary, it wasn’t an easy process, only the paperwork took over 6 months to be approved. In over 35 years no Feline had left Russia before.

At the end of the day Eduardo and his foundation are a living proof that we can be the change that we want to see in the world, it is possible. It just takes one small person with big determination to pull it off. Sacrificing a lot of what used to be your every day life will be part of the bargain, but rest assured that you will never be as full filled as that day were you realized you made a difference in the world.

As of today the Black Jaguar White Tiger family who have nothing but each other and the overwhelming support of the world are changing everything one rescued animal at a time.

“The time is always right, to do what’s right”




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