Stay Golden

During the summer everyone is excited to go to their favorite beach spots, and of course everyone is looking for the perfect tan. The first thing you should always have in mind is to take all the necessary considerations when being exposed to the sun, for example applying sunscreen to your face (always, at all times!). Here are a list of natural solutions and lotions that I have tried and recommend to everyone.

There are some “skin superfoods” such as carrots, cantaloupe and papaya that have a potent antioxidant called carotene. When you eat multiple servings of these, before being exposed to the sun it will warm up your natural skin tone and help you achieve a faster and longer lasting tan. But beware because eating excessive foods that contain beta-carotene can cause yellow coloration of the skin, during your “tanning” days it is recommended to have one or two juices per day.

I personally don’t like tanning lotions that leave my skin orange or leave my body oily, because I tend to break out and get allergic reactions with these types of lotion. “Maui Babe – Browning Lotion” is a thick brown cream that doesn’t have my favorite consistency, but it’s the BEST tanning lotion I’ve ever tried. It contains coffee and has a strong scent, but if you like the smell of coffee  you’ll love it. By using “Maui Babe” tanning lotion, you’ll have an amazing golden tan that will last for weeks.

PSX_20150718_190604“Sun Bum – 15” has a super nice consistency; it comes in a spray bottle, has no color, dries immediately and it smells like coconut. I highly recommend it for those who don’t want to get a super intense tan, but still want to get some color. “Vichy – 30 Protective Oil” sunscreen lotion is super oily but it works really good for delicate skins and people that tend to get skin rashes and allergies.

PSX_20150718_202233PSX_20150718_203927“Sun Bum Cooldown” after sun spray, has an amazing smell and thanks to the aloe vera attributes leaves the damaged skin cooled down and hydrated after the intense sun exposure (This is a key point, always treat your skin and indulge it after spending a day or two tanning, trust me as you grow older your skin will show you a big “THANK YOU” for that!).

PSX_20150718_190331PSX_20150718_203725Tans will fade but the memories will last forever. Enjoy your summer ☀ !