Friends and Fan Day!

What’s better than going waking up to do a little shopping and finding out that one of your all time favorite stores is having a Friends and Fans sale. Well yep, that happened to me this morning- so not only is it Friday my favorite day of the week but I was also able to score some of my favorite pieces from the Tous summer collection.

They have jewelry, watches, handbags and wallets and other great accessories on sale. I have personally had my eye out on the Vermeil Silver Beach Earrings and I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I saw that they were 30% off. I didn’t hesitate to get them since I know I will be able to use them so much this summer, they are elegant yet fun at the same time. It was hard not to fall in love with absolutely everything that they have. I think that Tous is definitely a brand that is worth a little splurge, because the quality is so amazing and the designs are so unique and versatile.

I was also able to buy some gifts that I have been looking for but had not been able to find. Since they currently have the cutest Key chains on sale I thought that would be a great gift that everyone would be able to use, besides the fact that they are very cute.  Another great thing about Tous is that they have things for all ages. Don’t even get me started on the girl’s jewelry because it is to die for.

Best of all they have some great options for Fathers day gifts, I know that it may be cutting it close, but if you have the chance to stop in on one of the Tous retail stores I highly recommend it. They have some amazing wallets and travel bags- something that every man needs.

 So hurry now, this sale is only from June 17th-18th but its definitely worth a shot. I can’t wait to rock my new earrings, and give out those cute gifts, I’m sure everyone will love them!



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