Ready, Lash, Go – Safar Miami


When it comes to beauty we all have our secret places (or not so secret now)  where we go to get our pampering done. Driving to a thousand places to get one thing done here and the other over there, thankfully this is not my scenario since I am extremely luck to have found a place where I can have everything done – and just like saying “Voilá” I say Safar!

Their European style beauty salon offers the best in hair, nails, makeup, eyelash extensions, and waxing services. As a customer I can tell you that you feel transported to the South of France with its Philippe Starck design, outdoor terrace, and Italian marble and walnut wood decor.  When it comes to eyelashes, no one does it better town than Rachel (seriously you’ll thank me).  You will experience the most luxurious services by their international and award-winning staff, such as Silvano who makes my blonde shine and Olga who leaves my skin as smooth as a baby.
So now that I’ve revealed my beauty gurus, stop by and ask for your 25%off discount with my promo code: Somethinghippie.
Safar Miami
Hair Colorist:
Silvano @silvanogg 
Eye Lashes & Hair Colorist: