Tu bicicleta – Colombia Tayrona




It’s always been a dream of mine to visit a “au naturel” beach without having to fly all the way to Africa or Asia.  Nowadays with so many misinformations you find on the internet, I like checking reliable sources of information and one of my most trusted sources is The Guardian, the equivalent of the New York Times but for London.  I could’t believe the 2nd best beach in the world according to The Guardian was a 2:30 hour flight away, and then a 1:30 hour ride from my home, Miami.  My adventurous side drooled on the fact that it was relatively easy for me to travel there.  Next thing I knew, I was on a plane to Colombia with my luggage packed with insect repellents and mega powerful sunblock.

I have to admit, I was immediately impressed by the beach the moment I set eyes on Tayrona.  I was expecting to see a classic Caribbean beach: white sand with the typical turquoise water, minor waves and maybe some traditional cabanas for the tourists.  Boy was I wrong!  I was greeted with a wild sea crashing “picture perfectly” on massive rocks that are hand placed by God along an untamed beach.  The virgin rainforest cascades down the mountainside harmonically to the powdered sand…When I bumped into tourists, I totally forgot I was in Colombia.  I heard french, italian, british and US english accents.  I heard argentinian spanish among others.  I had the privilege of staying in 3 different accommodations each with their own style.  The first one was a cute lodge on the top of the hill.

Before arriving there I made a mistake and tried to check in a different lodge, and the lady who made the “check-in” told me, “oh no, you gotta go to the one on the hill top with the 52 steps”.  I wondered why she made emphasis on the 52 steps, minutes later I completely understood why.  They were probably the most exhausting 52 steps I’ve ever walked.  Whenever my trainer tells me the next time to do squats, I’ll definitely tell him, go ahead, your squats are kindergarten for me now!  Once on top, my room was on the second floor and on the third floor, right on top of my room, there was this cute and cozy balcony/viewer.  Not even the most challenging problem could jeopardize the tranquility that invaded my mind.

The sea was kinda wild so I couldn’t really dip myself into the visual marvel that was the water hitting the rocks.The next day, was probably the most exotic accommodation I’ve ever experienced.  The odyssey continued with a short line as the organizers had previously done my reservations, otherwise there was a pretty long line to enter the Tayrona National Park, which by the way, was a line of evident tourists.  Once I passed the gate, the first sign of de-civilization was no signal on my cell phone. None, zero, nada amigo.  The road to my destiny had a massive coat of rainforest almost trying to kiss the 4×4 vehicle that was riding me to my destination.  I must admit, it was kind of scary at some point.  Finally, I made it to the hotel lobby, it was magical realism at is best.

A hotel literally in the middle of nowhere, I asked for wi-fi which the hotel had but it felt like 1990’s dial up connection!  The rooms were cabana style with 2 stories, a bathroom and some hammocks at level floor and the room on the second story.  I don’t know if I felt like Tarzan, Robinson Crusoe, or Simba.  If there was one thing that blew my mind was the following:  I woke up at 4:30 in the morning thinking it was 5:30 to get ready for 6:00 am yoga class.  I went downstairs and looked at the sky and for the first time in my life I realized that the pictures of a full Milky-Way were not a photo-shop marvel but a true life reality.  THE MOST superb image of the sky with absolutely all the imaginable constellations were there for me.  It was the first time ever in my life I did’t get mad about waking up one hour before time.  Amazing, fantastic and almost surreal.  I must encourage anyone to have a glimpse of that sky sometime in their lifetimes.

I really don’t know about constellations except for the most famous ones, but I guess the food by chef Colette in the hotel was probably one of them.  I ate the most tender white fish my palate has experienced on top of a coconut rice from the Gods.  Wow If I could turn back time, I’d very likely turn it to that sky and that coconut rice.  The third and final destination was by far my favorite; talk about heaven on earth and good taste.  I arrived at this incredible place, on a hill top, surrounded by mountains, a lake, a river, and a blue turquoise amazing ocean.

The house was a Bali style mansion with a hip pool and the most caring and nice maids eager to fulfill any petition.  If you ever feel english is a language you can speak overseas so the locals won’t understand what you’re saying, you’re out of place in “Casa de Playa”.  A Rhode Island yoga teacher, a Maine world traveler, a Florence stock trader his wife and daughter, a Parisian couple among other where the guests of this breathtaking house.  My room was a magical space decorated with buddhas and an open bathroom. Hammocks everywhere to chill out, as time had no meaning in a place where watches are excess luggage.  Cell phones are tacitly prohibited and iPads are an instrument to repel bees.   The real reason I don’t want to get to deep in describing the rest of my stay in “Casa de Playa” is because I want to fool my mind making it think my stay there has not finished yet;  “Casa de Playa” if you are reading this, like Terminator, please be advised: I’ll be back!  And Maria, I’ll want some more arepas for breakfast.



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