Magical Touch – Tous

 I have to admit, the Tous bear is totally under my skin.  Have you seen the earrings?  For real, have you seen the earrings?  I love them!  I´m gonna tell you something that might sound bizarre, but it´s true:  I basically don´t use my phone when I wear them, I only chat!  There is no way on earth I´m covering my ears with my cell phone when I wear the bear earrings, I think they look amazing and brighten up any face shape: round, squared, oval, oblong, any!  And, if brightening up a face is the way to go on this last summer days, the necklace is definitely the pinnacle of choices.  Just look at it: perfect shining with hearts and stars! They are ready to wear with everything.  Is there anything more brightening than stars or a hearts?

This last days of summer sun must be truly appreciated and one should take advantage of this specially living in Miami.  I´m the type of person that wouldn’t live a life with sorrow or sadness.  Remember, our minds are permanently playing tricks on us, sometimes even trying to pull us down. There are many tricks to fool your mind. You can meditate and shut it down for some minutes, you can yoga and breathe out all negativity, but the reality is that with  this life on the go, one must balance work, routine and play, so there really isn’t much time for meditating and yoga.  My advice: wear your Tous bear earrings or the bear, hearts and stars necklace, look at yourself on the mirror every time you have a chance, and fool your mind with the inevitable smile that will reflect on your face from looking gorgeous with this latest collection.  

This blog would´t be complete if I did´t mention the velvet handbag.  Velvet as many of you know, is a tricky color.  Is a color that      flashes wherever you see it.  If you are the one wearing velvet, you will grab everyones attention, so doing it has to be done with style, and doing it in style is exactly what Tous did with this fashionable handbag.  Trust me:  anyone wearing this bag will be the center of attention and for sure you will generate all the chit chat and all the envy in the room.  Look out tomorrow, raise your head up and stop chasing pokemons, you might just miss me wearing this bag!  Keep tuned in my dear readers as I will keep you posted on any new fashion from this practical and easy to wear brand.