While In The Big Apple – NYFW

So I made it through New York Fashion Week.  It had been in my bucket list for far more than it should.  Did I enjoy it? (Uncomfortable silence) Umm let’s say yes. Or let’s say no.  Ok, let’s say yes.  Was I expecting something different?  Let me put it this way: have you ever admired the beauty of a Hollywood star, and any given Tuesday you’re walking down the street and all of a sudden you get to see that particular star and you’re like, wow is that really him/her?  For real, is that him/her?  Ok, he’s cute/she’s cute but I really expected he/she to be way more cuter. Do you know that feeling?  That’s exactly what I felt about the New York Fashion Week.  It looks better on HD, with the pause button and some popcorn.

Of course I had to get it clear out of my bucket list and obviously I had to assist “Something Hippie” style, which I did.  Did I planned it with weeks and weeks of anticipation?  Nope.  Will I go again?  For sure I will. Ok so what exactly does going to NYFW Something Hippie style mean?  It means staying away of annoying crowds, exploring a couple of backstages, assisting to some alternative catwalks and a couple of off the top ones as well.  Think about it as fashion Yin-Yang.

My first show was Tadashi Shoji.  Just like any rookie, I arrived with plenty of anticipation.  I wanted to dress fashionable but not too fashionable.  So, dressing and undressing and dressing again and then picking the right shoes took me more time than expected.  Don’t ask how, but I managed to arrive in time.  Maybe in more time than necessary.  Once in the door, I showed my invitation and entered, no hassle here.  Excitement invaded every pore of my body in such a way that I forgot I went by myself.   The show itself started with a screening of some Japanese style drawings with caused goose bumps in my skin.  I love Tadashi Shoji and the show was even better than my already high expectations.  The music was overwhelming.  It was a complete delight to watch the new designs in a show I must grade as superb.

My second show was Dan Liu.  I still felt as a NYFW rookie, but since I had already assisted to one show, I already knew where to focus my attention to:  the designs. Except, the ambiance was so very well executed, I felt this show, just like the previous one, an event way beyond a show. In other words, it should be called an experience, not a show.  In my house, my living room dimmer and I are permanently in a battle with me always trying to find the right amount of light for every moment. Sometimes I do it well, sometimes I don’t. Here, Dan Liu did it perfectly.  The illumination was insanely correct. The models were beautiful and absolutely politically correct for the trend.  One does not expect this level of professionalism in your second NYFW runway.  Did I mentioned I was gonna focus on the designs?  Dan Liu, if you’re reading this, bravo!!! 

The next show in my list was Kyboe.  For a first timer at the New York Fashion Week I really did’t knew what to expect from a brand that specializes in selling watches online.  The minute I found out that it was the first time ever a watch company was going to walk the runway in a solo show at the NYFW, I felt a feeling of consolation.  No matter what happened, it’s far easier to be a first timer as an spectator than running your first show.  The pressure was now on Kyboe and not on me.  Once near the door, I saw a bunch of people gathering around someone, exactly the type of scenario that Something Hippie usually avoids, except this time, the crowd was inevitable getting closer to me. Of course, I was standing near the door and people were gathered around Shea Marie (peaceloveshea) and Caroline Vreeland.  These two were not the only ones around, the show started with renowned model Elena Kurnosova  wearing a stunning blue dress who wore a big watch from the firm.  The theme “Bigger is Better” was very well understood by the Dj who rocked the show!  As hard as the audience could try to be prudent, everyone was evidently using their Shazam app, this show was definitely a blast!  The Something Hippie seal of approval can be stamped all over this show.  10/10.
To continue with the classy but painteresque styles I had seen so far, the next runway had to be Custo Barcelona.  When I have the need for colors Custo is by far the best way to go, it has always been known as the brand that plays with colors, the brand that doesn’t forget an inch out of the whole palette.  It has been one of my favorite brands for quite a while now.  This year had a particular detail:  2016 was the 20th Anniversary of Custo’s runways in the NYFW.  The brand has the ability of somehow adding color to dark fall/winter garments without loosing the dull side at the same time.  How does he do it?  What can I say, he owns it.  He’s got that special talent.  I really enjoyed this show just like I loved the glasses many of the models wore.  Two thumbs up.  P.S.  Didn’t quite understand why the collection was named “Reborn” as if he needed to reinvent himself a la Cher.
At this point, Something Hippie had to assist a backstage.  I already understood NYFW runways are an excess of perfectionism hovering just above the “just right and too much” thin line.  So the backstage experience was needed.  What better chance to do so than the Carmen Marc Valvo, the designer  from Westchester County, New York.  This is a brand that specializes in evening dresses.  Harmony, elegance and coherence mix together here to create the brand.  Somehow, my common sense told me that probably harmony was left out of the back stage.  Wrong. Organization in this backstage was ubiquitous.  The way the runway kits were organized appeared to be placed in such a way that people that make a living out of criticizing others were left with no other option than living out of welfare.  What a perfectly organized backstage, to such extremes, that I even saw a model that was reading a book while her hair was being treated by the hands of a renaissance sculptor, sorry, by a hairstylist from the heavens.  I really don’t wanna sound repetitive, but the runway was again superb. I could really do a copy/paste from the other runways here:  illumination was magnificent, the music was in perfect harmony with the dresses and the walking speed of the models.  One really cannot state that one’s attention was on the designs itself.  Many of our senses got mixed here in a miraculous way:  sight, ear, even smell are taken care of in a ridiculously correct way.
If someone types the letter “t” in my browser, tibi.com immediately appears.  It is a webpage that cannot be ignored by anyone that enjoys fashion and it sure was a runway that Something Hippie was for sure going to assist.  At this point I felt as a local. I knew exactly what to wear, I knew what shoes were proper as well as ideal for all the walking, Uber chasing and metro stairs. About the show:  meticulously executed utter mastery in the form of a runway for mere mortals to remember there is a heaven on the web: tibi.com.  Thank you Tibi.   Elegance and modernism in a way one wants to wear it without being intimidated by mannequins.  Between the show and the web:  no evolution whatsoever of retina display screens can surpass the majesty of being in this runway in person.  Tibi, I’ll be back.
So I asked myself:  what was missing?  For starters, it’s been 15 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  I wish I had seen a minute of silence on the runways that were held on the 11th.  In the same symphony, my patriotism was injured: I missed the Carolina Herrera show!  A personal mistake that will not be repeated.  What do I expect to see in the near future?  A Something Hippie runway of course! Ha!  By the way, anyone heard about the Tory Burch and Victoria Beckham runways?  Wish I saw those two as well. Keep tuned for my next blog.
Photography: Yesi Flores
Styling: Fabiana Gill