Magic To Your Skin – La Prairie

So I was recently invited to La Prairie offices in Miami to test some of their products.  I must admit, it gave me a certain level of curiosity as I had never used La Prairie ever before.  I had seen the brand before at the mall, but for no reason whatsoever I simply had not used it.  So, I accepted the invitation and drove to their offices for a petit comitè showing of some of their products.

The first thing that captured my attention, was the name of the line, “Skin Caviar”. Hmm, I wonder how does caviar and skin mix together.  First thing I tried was the Skin Caviar Essence-In-Lotion ($240).  As they showed me, I did’t really needed any cotton to put in on my face.  Directly with my fingers!  I thought the explanation of how the product was made was a bit over the top (example, “made with caviar water”) until I tried the product myself.  An immediate and very pleasant cooling sensation is felt the moment the product touches your skin, and the smell to die for.  But don’t confuse this serum with a toner only because it is in a liquid state.  This superb product not only gets your skin ready for whatever product you need to apply afterwards but also restores the skin pH to a flawless 5.5 level.  Higher than that is of course drier than it should and lower, oilier. For what concerns me, the La Prairie Skin Caviar Essence-In-Lotion receives the Something Hippie seal of approval.
The second product I saw that day was the Skin Caviar Concealer – Foundation SPF 15 ($220).  This product is among the pinnacle of self indulgence.  I definitely understand whomever gets scared or blown away by this high price tag, but when you realize you are getting both a foundation as well as a concealer of miraculous results in the luxury segment of cosmetics, then you realize it is a worthy investment.  The overall feel of the product on your skin, irrelevant of the primer, is of a smooth and mid grade cover that somehow makes no buildup and leaves no trace of pores.  It feels creamy, it leaves a satin matte finish and at the same time it creates the look of a naturally radiant and super healthy skin.  It is like screaming without raising your voice.
I spent a great morning at the La Prairie offices, the staff was wonderful and super friendly.  Did I mention they were wonderful?  I say so because a couple of days after, they sent me as a gift to my home the Cellular Swiss Eye Crystal Eye Cream.  If there is an area of the skin where I am extremely picky, it has to be my eye contour. There is a weird relation between the right amount of product with the way you apply the product and the excess oil or the lack of it.  I said I was picky.  So enough said, let’s review.  This dazzling product immediately dissolves into your skin and reconditions it’s youthful appearance.  When applied, it feels just as luxurious as one should expect from the brand.  The feeling of “ahhh” and “this product is really working” starts the moment you open the product.  Smells perfect, feels perfect and works perfect.
Overall, La Prairie is a brand recommended 100%,  remember high prices don’t always mean high end products, but in this brand in particular, you are not spending money, you are investing in yourself.