The Perfect Match

Hi there dear followers, I’m back with some exciting news from Tous.  Fall season is out and with it, new accessories and must have handbags.  Fall brings the perfect temperature to have the right amount of clothing to make you look glamorous without having to cover up too much to protect yourself from the elements.  So basically you can show off your new acquisitions in a discrete but fashionista way.  My recommendation, have a look at this gorgeous new accessory line that Tous is bringing.

This Fall accessories bring the perfect combination of design and look at me but don´t stare, even though I know you want to!  How come?  it is stunningly well designed.  Playing around with rocks on accessories is a craft that can only be done by real artisans and Tous is way up there among the best without emptying your pockets.  I love this new bracelet accessory lineup.  They just match with everything Fall brings.  They could even be wore during the winter.  I just hope wherever you live isn’t that cold so you don’t have to hide this bracelets during the colder days.

If there is a correct way to look stunning and grab everyone’s attention in Fall without breaking the color palette harmony, this green night handbag by Tous is by far the best way to do so.   I think it will never be out of fashion, it is an instant classic.  Enough said.  Keep tuned in for more soon!